Critical Tension: Sufficiency and Parsimony in QCA

The refutation of Baumgartner & Thiem (2017).

QCA with R. A Comprehensive Resource

Starting with version 2.0, the QCA package in R witnessed substantial improvements in both the functionality of the written commands and also the Graphical User Interface. Considerable effort is made to maintain backwards compatibility with older versions of the package, so that previous publications could still be replicated with the current version, but the new features required an almost complete re-write of the previous book published at Springer. This new book contains detailed explanations on how to perform QCA with R using the latest cutting edge developments, among which: better calibrations, improved dialogs in the GUI, expanded parameters of fit, native SOP expressions, conjunctural directional expectations, and the most advanced minimization engine called CCubes.

Consistency Cubes. A Fast, Efficient Method for exact Boolean Minimization

The most recent, cutting edge Boolean minimization algorithm.

Enhancing Sensitivity Diagnostics for Qualitative Comparative Analysis: A Combinatorial Approach

Sensitivity diagnostics has recently been put high on the agenda of methodological research into Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). Existing studies in this area rely on the technique of exhaustive enumeration, and the majority of works examine …

Enhancing the Minimization of Boolean and Multivalue Output Functions With eQMC

Configurational comparative methods have gained in popularity among sociologists and political scientists. In particular, Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) has attracted considerable attention in recent years. The process of Boolean minimization …

R cu aplicații în statistică

Echipa R-omânia (www.r-project.ro) acționează ca o comunitate de utilizatori pentru popularizarea mediului de programare statistică R în lumea academică, dar și pentru persoane fizice, instituții și autorități publice, precum și pentru organizații comerciale și necomerciale din România. De asemenea, promovează R cu scopul de a oferi o soluție gratuită și un software open source în România: inițiază, promovează și coordonează proiecte de cercetare, sprijină comunicarea în cadrul comunității de utilizatori R, organizează conferințe științifice, ateliere de lucru și cursuri de pregătire pentru utilizarea R și a altor soluții software ce integrează R în România.

QCA: A Package for Qualitative Comparative Analysis

We present QCA, a package for performing Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). QCA is becoming increasingly popular with social scientists, but none of the existing software alternatives covers the full range of core procedures. This gap is now …

Boolean Minimization in Social Science Research: A Review of Current Software for Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

Besides an increase in the number of empirical applications, the widening landscape of tailored computer programs attests to the success of qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) as a social research method. Users now have the choice between three …

Qualitative Comparative Analysis with R. A user's guide

This book is now obsolete, being replaced by this new one (also published at Springer).

Crisp-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (csQCA), Contradictions and Consistency Benchmarks for Model Specification

The purpose of this paper is to address and test two assumptions on which csQCA is based, namely that csQCA will generate contradictions and low consistency scores if models are ill-specified. The first part of the paper introduces csQCA in general …